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Your Questions About How To Get Wealthy In Real Estate

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Wealth creation   stock market   property: Paul Your Questions About How To Get Wealthy In Real Estate

Paul asks…

Whats the difference between an architecht and a real estate developer?

Are there big differences between an architecht and a real estate developer? Most people know Donald Trump is a famous wealthy real estate developer, but some still call him an architecht who just slaps his name on fancy tall buildings. As for this never-ending issue of people claiming Trump’s hair is fake, is there anything The Donald can do to prove his hair is real? He said it’s all real, and that he’s been combing it the same way for years, and that the only way he’d ever switch to a wig would be if all his hair falls out one day.

admin answers:

A real estate developer is a person who orchestrates the purchase, development, and eventual sales (or lease) of real estate. An architect is a design engineer who designs the look of a building and works with the builders and contractors on the blueprints used in construction. So Donald Trump is in fact a real estate developer, but he hires architects to design the buildings he plans to construct on the land he has purchased.

As for his hair…..no offense, but who cares?

Wealth creation   stock market   property: Sandy Your Questions About How To Get Wealthy In Real Estate

Sandy asks…

Do real estate agents have an advantage in real estate investment oppurtunities?

I’ve been reading up about the science of investment in real estate; specifically condos, vacation rentals. I have met some very wealthy real estate agents in Hawaii and some others that make a decent income like 40k a year.

If I want to become a real estate invester, will it help if I become a real estate agent, broker, etc.
Please, I’m still young and am eager to learn from you the experienced.

admin answers:

Any added expertise will help an investor of any kind. Realtors have an advantage because they tend to know the laws regarding real estate, but more importantly they know their market and have access to information not readily available to Joe Blow investor. They are usually members of the local board of realtors and have access to the MLS which offers knowledge of present and past sales and the market trends of neighborhoods. You might not need to get a real estate license to be a good investor, but simply to find a good Realtor who knows the business who can guide you through it and advise you on good opportunities.

Wealth creation   stock market   property: Sandra Your Questions About How To Get Wealthy In Real Estate

Sandra asks…

How do most people get rich in real estate?

Who are some well known people who have became wealthy as real estate agents or real estate owners and how did they do it. Also does anyone know any good real estate books or videos that teach you what you need to know to become wealthy in real estate.
10 points if I find your answer the most helpful.

admin answers:

Agents handle one sale at a time. Brokers handle all the sales for all their agents at any time. You will make best $$$ as a broker.

Owners and investors make money on the value of the property, the rental income, equity growth and the tax benefits. Owners must have enough cash flow throughout the year to meet operations expenses and pay the mortgage.

As with selling, when you own a place and equity increases, you can leverage that equity to buy another place, and increase your rents. Eventually you have several properties all increasing in value at the same time.

Now, remember, the market forces and life events dictate whether you make money in the short term, or if you must pass along your property to your heirs in the hopes they can benefit.

I suggest you find a business class at night-school–much better than a book.

Wealth creation   stock market   property: Susan Your Questions About How To Get Wealthy In Real Estate

Susan asks…

What exactly do real estate developers do?

I know dumb question but can someone explain it to me? do you have to be wealthy to be real estate developer?

admin answers:

Develop real estate.

Wealth creation   stock market   property: Donald Your Questions About How To Get Wealthy In Real Estate

Donald asks…

How often do people get wealthy from real estate investing?

If I go into real estate investing will I make a profit or wil l lose money? How often do people become wealthy?

admin answers:

Buy in a great location at a good price and hold for a very long time.

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